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Janine Wolf
sales manager

T: +49 208 6902-151
F: +49 208 6902-158
E: jw@parkhotel-oberhausen.de

Natalie Broandt
reservation manager

T: +49 208 6902-0
F: +49 208 6902-158
E: info@parkhotel-oberhausen.de

Andrea Keusgen
accounting and personnel management

T: +49 208 6902-155
F: +49 208 6902-158
E: ad@parkhotel-oberhausen.de

Eileen Uthmeier
Sabrina Dausner
Julia Eilts
Martina Dominguez
Bianca Schubert
Mitarbeiter Tamara Dithmer
Tamara Dithmer
Janine Rack

Our kitchen crew

Peter Meursich
Oliver Peck
Philipp Schulz
Mary Ewemen

Our restaurant crew

Dzavit Leskovica
Laura Wilsrecht
Moumine Alim Oglou
Lea-Marie Jabs

Our pub crew

Peggy Vogel
Srecko Juric

<< For your clean stay >>

Our housekeeper Nasiha Imsirovic
Senija Verfürden
Angelika Frerix
Anja Brauer
Michaela Brauer
Resida Pehlic
Kornelia Dauer
Asima Music
Therese Helczyk
Sadika Halilovic
Pinar Cetin

Our men for the hard work...

Ralf Böge
Manfred Schmitz

We are responsible...

Uschi Wischermann-Bruckschlegel

T: +49 208 6902-152
F: +49 208 6902-158
E: uw@parkhotel-oberhausen.de

Hans Bruckschlegel
Hotel manager

T: +49 208 6902-153
F: +49 208 6902-158
E: info@parkhotel-oberhausen.de

Paul und Ursula Wischermann
Owner family

We willbe happy to welcome you in our family business and wish everyone a wonderful stay in our hotel!


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T: +49(0)208 6902 0
E: info@parkhotel-oberhausen.de
Teutoburger Straße 156
46119 Oberhausen